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Cebu, or Sugbo as locals call it, is an island province of the Philippines rich in history, culture, natural wonder and resources. Hailed the Queen City of the South, it is one of the country’s top destinations for tourism, industry, education, business, and recreation.

The Province of Cebu is a juxtaposition between a concrete jungle and a tropical paradise --the best of both worlds. Cebu's fast-paced, convenience-driven urban lifestyle earned its title as one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Countering the ever-growing skylines of the booming metropolis, Cebu established a reputation for its 167 beautiful islands blanketed in white sand beaches, luxurious hotels and resorts, travel facilities, diving sites and thriving marine life.

Cebu plays a major role in Philippine history. From its first Spanish settlement in 1565, Cebu houses countless iconic heritage and cultural sites in the country. These wellpreserved historical structures and artifacts have become popular points of interest for locals and tourists alike.

Aside from top tourist attractions, Cebu also takes pride in Cebuano cuisine, cultural and religious festivals, and local industries such as handcrafted guitars, woven goods, delicious lechon, dried mangoes, seafood and danggit (dried fish). Cebuano cuisine is hearty and unique, where suka (vinegar) and sili (chili) are almost ubiquitous in every recipe. The Sinulog festival, in particular, is one of the grandest, most anticipated festivals in the country, held annually in honor of the miraculous Santo Niño. People from all over the nation flock to Cebu every third Sunday of January to observe the religious event and participate in colorful street parties.

For those who wish to visit or tour the island province of Cebu, travel is readily accessible by plane, boat, bus, or private vehicle.

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